Journey to Chernobyl

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4 responses to Journey to Chernobyl

  1. I was 11 when it happened living in Warsaw, Poland. I remember someone knocking on our door in the middle of the night. When my parents opened the door we saw our neighbour standing at the door with a bottle of iodine in his hand. He told us to drink it and quickly explained why. It was already a couple days after the explosion and he found out about it from some underground radio station. Unfortunately our country leaders were keeping this secret the same as the Soviets did. Thank you for sharing

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    • pzf – Author

      Thank you for sharing your experience of that time, Barbara. That must have been very frightening for you all.


  2. I can still remember that timebwe were at school and everyone was discussing the disaster .Thanks for sharing as i could see the city.we werr so concerned that so many pople had to leave theie home forevwr.And about impirted powder milk which was anticipated were contaminated.


    • pzf – Author

      Thank you for commenting. I think it is one of those world events that most people who lived through it remember quite vividly how they felt at the time. It felt like a disaster on a scale beyond anything that had happened before (or, at least, it did to me).


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