South Bank Shapes

Under the bridge

Last week, I met up with a friend on London’s South Bank. She has had a digital SLR camera for some years but has never really gone beyond the automatic settings on it. We were both on a break from work and decided to have a day out together, taking photos. I offered to show her how to use her more advanced camera settings.

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Shoe by track

I’m down in Bournemouth for a couple of days visiting a good friend. My train was severely delayed and it sat on the tracks outside my final destination for a long time while the train in front cleared the platform.

In London, I would normally get quite frustrated by such a delay. But it was a beautiful sunny morning and I’d been enjoying the views of the open countryside. I decided to look out of the train to see if there was anything inspiring.

I looked up and there were some buds on the trees running alongside the train line. Nothing terribly inspirational.

I glanced down and saw a discarded shoe by the track. It intrigued me. Why was it there? Where was the other one? Had something terrible happened here? 

I then noticed the shadow of the train was running perfectly in line with the track. I liked the pattern it created. The light and shade. 
I only had my iPhone to hand but I really wanted to capture this moment. So, it is not the most technically proficient image, but I hope you’ll find it interesting.