I’m down in Bournemouth for a couple of days visiting a good friend. My train was severely delayed and it sat on the tracks outside my final destination for a long time while the train in front cleared the platform.

In London, I would normally get quite frustrated by such a delay. But it was a beautiful sunny morning and I’d been enjoying the views of the open countryside. I decided to look out of the train to see if there was anything inspiring.

I looked up and there were some buds on the trees running alongside the train line. Nothing terribly inspirational.

I glanced down and saw a discarded shoe by the track. It intrigued me. Why was it there? Where was the other one? Had something terrible happened here? 

I then noticed the shadow of the train was running perfectly in line with the track. I liked the pattern it created. The light and shade. 
I only had my iPhone to hand but I really wanted to capture this moment. So, it is not the most technically proficient image, but I hope you’ll find it interesting.

Shoe by track

3 thoughts on “Shoe by track

  1. This photo caught my breath. Immediately my mind started rifling through its archives to find the one piece of juicy information I have about my great great grandfather. It is a newspaper article about his last day on this earth. The train conductor was interviewed in the article. He says that he blew the whistle over and over again, but the man only looked up and stared at him as the train made impact…

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