For Orlando, for love, for peace

for orlando-1-2

Recently, I had been looking back through my archive at the photos I took at the start of the Pride parade in London in 2004. It was such a wonderful morning. Everyone was in such high spirits and so open to having their photographs taken.

In light of the terrible news coming out of Orlando today, I have decided to publish a photography from my Pride archive every day this week. I know it’s not much, in the face of the senseless tragedy that has occurred there, but I just want to do something to counteract the hatred that can exist in the world.

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I’ve been struggling a little for photographic inspiration just lately and have been relying on my photo archive to maintain my blog. While it’s been enjoyable to revisit old images and evaluate them with a fresh perspective, today I felt a strong need to create some new work.

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Baby Bird Bath Time

birdbath-7We’re very fortunate to have a flat in London that comes with a garden. We feel even luckier to have a garden that has a large park behind it, so we are surrounded by nature.

My garden has become my sanctuary. I love to sit and let the stress of London float away as I look at the plants, the open sky and the beautiful, mature trees in the park behind us. It is so peaceful, I can often forget that I live in one of the busiest cities in the world.

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