birdbath-7We’re very fortunate to have a flat in London that comes with a garden. We feel even luckier to have a garden that has a large park behind it, so we are surrounded by nature.

My garden has become my sanctuary. I love to sit and let the stress of London float away as I look at the plants, the open sky and the beautiful, mature trees in the park behind us. It is so peaceful, I can often forget that I live in one of the busiest cities in the world.


We’ve recently done some work on the main border, planting trees, shrubs, herbs and flowers that will all attract wildlife. I have a number of bird feeders to encourage different types of birds and they have been really successful. We have had so many birds visiting to feed, including a beautiful woodpecker and, once, even a parakeet.


I bought a bird bath some months ago and it had largely gone unused by the birds, although a rather fat pigeon once attempted to have a wash in it and almost toppled it over in the process!

However, as part of the work on the border, we moved the bird bath to a spot just near a new crab apple blossom tree that we have planted. This seems to have worked wonders and birds are now regularly stopping by for a drink and a wash.


Today, however, we had the most extraordinary sight. A whole flock of starlings descended on the garden with their young. It was like something from the Hitchcock movie, The Birds. I have never seen so many birds in our garden at once.


They congregated around the feeders for quite some time, trying the various nuts and suet I placed in them. Then, they all decided it was time for a bath. They went wild! It was like they hadn’t had chance to bathe in quite some time. I managed to get a few shots of them enjoying this garden feature.


Unfortunately, I did not manage to capture the scale of the visit – there were birds all over the garden and I decided to focus on the bath. I hope you will enjoy the images nonetheless.


There’s something about supporting nature that gives me a very warm glow inside. I know that birds’ habitat, particularly in cities, is declining at an alarming rate. Even if it’s a very small contribution, I hope that I am doing something to provide a space for them to thrive.


Baby Bird Bath Time

6 thoughts on “Baby Bird Bath Time

  1. I also take care of small birds like Great Tit and Greenfinch etc. At winter I give them extra food like peanuts and sunflower seeds, they really like it. Otherwise they wouldn’t survive through winter. Quite often here is about -20* degrees.

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    • That’s lovely. I think birds need all the help they can get in the modern world. Our winters are not nearly as cold as yours, but the ground can still get hard in the cold snaps. I put out a suet feed in the winter months and the small birds really love that.

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  2. That’s great to have the birds stop by for a bath and a snack. We host humming birds although they are a little slow in coming about this year at least so far. It’s been a good year for rain so we assume they have flowers and our feeders as well. Always fun to set up a bird cam wonderful creatures that they are.

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