11 thoughts on “Chernobyl: The Kindergarten

  1. While I get the haunting part I am more engaged by the beauty of the things that were loved and shared by the children. The shoe reminds me of a keepsake and should remain as is and exactly where it is. I have decided to see the life before the pictures. Which are quite beautiful, by the way. L

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  2. Pictures of kindergarten put uncomfortable . I got goosebumps watching . I asked above words screams, pain , ghosts, broken lives , childhood stopped , paranormal, stupeur . Bravo for the felt .

    Les photos de l’école maternelle mettent mal à l’aise. J’ai eu la chair de poule en les regardant. J’ai posé des mots dessus : crie, douleurs, fantômes, vies brisées, enfance stoppée, paranormal, stupeur. Bravo pour le ressentit.

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