5 thoughts on “Tereza

    • Thanks for your comment. Tereza did adopt lots of natural poses in the shoot but I particularly liked the angles she created with her pose in this one.

      Does it look to awkward to you? I’m always interested to know what doesn’t work for people, as much as what does.

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      • Hey, thanks for writing back! The photo is quite beautiful. I definitely can see what you mean about the angles. It’s always a good idea to look for such things in an artistic composition. However, why not create the angles with a prop instead of the model? Here’s what I was thinking about when I saw the image: there is a long tradition of models in photos — and it’s mostly women — who are posed very unnaturally. People are starting to ask why women must be “distorted” to be beautiful. There are now websites devoted to collecting such images, and even some spoof websites on which people try to recreate the poses in the pictures themselves. Here’s an example: http://sobadsogood.com/2015/09/24/20-hellishly-awkward-model-poses-shouldnt-exist/

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        • Oh, that link is hilarious! Thank you for sharing it. I also apologise if my picture would qualify for the gallery! I hope it’s not quite THAT bad, but I will leave you to judge 😉

          I should also clarify (so it doesn’t seem like I was forcing Tereza to assume painful positions), Tereza is a dancer and she assumed that particular pose herself and seemed quite comfortable and I liked the end picture a lot. But you do raise a valid point. I think for some time there has been a trend – particularly in ‘high’ fashion – towards distorted poses. It’s easy to try and recreate that style without analysing what the purpose is. It’s given me something valuable to think about for future projects. Thank you.

          I will post another image from the shoot today to try and balance things out.

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