purple buds-1

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is another image taken with my macro lens. This shot demonstrates the very limited depth of field that exists with close-up work on a macro lens.

Also, there was a slight breeze, which creates further issues for sharp focusing at close distance. So, much of this picture is out of focus. This plays havoc with the technical side of my brain. But the creative side of my brain likes the softness, the combination of the colours and the visual simplicity of the image.

It also raises interesting questions about why I take photographs. Technical skill is important to me but I also want to make creative, engaging images. It may be the reason I enjoy photography so much, as it’s something that requires both sides of my brain to be engaged as part of the process of making a photograph.

I’d be interested to know how you initially reacted to the image. Which side of your brain was triggered? Did you start analysing whether it was accurately focused, or did you notice the colours and composition? If you did both, which did you do first?

Purple Buds

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