Pop Art Sushi-1

I recently took some food shots for a wonderful little sushi restaurant in London. It’s called Pop Art Sushi and it is both a sushi bar and an art gallery.

Pop Art Sushi-3

The restaurant is run by a husband and wife team, Leandro and Irina, who are such wonderful hosts. Leandro is responsible for the art work and Irina takes care of the sushi. I discovered the restaurant by chance but I now eat there regularly because it really is the best sushi I’ve ever eaten in London.

Pop Art Sushi-2

I was chatting to them recently and they mentioned they needed some photos of their dishes. I mentioned I am a photographer and, because they are quite a new restaurant and trying to get established – and because they are such lovely people –  I said I would do the photos as a gift for them. (I set up my own business six years ago and I know how tough that first couple of years can be as you’re trying to get established).

Pop Art Sushi-4

Of course, the bonus of taking the photos of the food was that they let me eat it all afterwards, for free! So, it was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

If you’re in London and like sushi, I’d highly recommend you give Pop Art Sushi a try. It’s at St George’s Wharf in Vauxhall. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and a superb meal.


Pop Art Sushi

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