3 thoughts on “Windermere, Lake District

  1. Well I don’t believe this. One this month’s newsletter I challenged my fans to find subjects for me to write sonnets about. One fan, Eric Boys, had ‘The Lake District’ and ‘Windermere’ as subjects, which I kind of put on the backburner as it would require more research than I cared to do immediately. Then you post this. I am impelled that this will be something I will research and write about today. This is not the first time you have inspired me! Thank you.

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    • Thank you so much, Jeni! I’ve not posted a photo on here for so long, due to work commitments, and I’d almost given up on my blog. But we’re taking a few days holiday in the Lake District and it’s so stunningly beautiful, I felt inspired again and decided I should get my camera out and get snapping. I’m delighted that it coincided with your sonnet subjects. I love your poetry and am looking forward to seeing what you create! With my best wishes. Peter.


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