water and air

Military planes regularly practice flight manouevres over Windermere. It can be a little disconcerting, particularly with the modern jets.  The ferocious roar of the engines seems to come from nowhere as they speed along, following the edges of the hills.

This plane wasn’t as noisy as the jets, but it approached our boat at quite a low level before banking at a sharp angle and disappearing into the hills.

Water and Air, Windermere

3 thoughts on “Water and Air, Windermere

  1. You just hope that they’re only going to be practicing the flying part, and not the bombing part. I live 15 miles from a bombing range that is regularly used, and whenever something military flies over, I just have to pray they don’t make a mistake.


    • Wow! That feels way too close for comfort, Jeni! I know the military need to practice and the hills where we were are probably ideal terrain, but the jets made me jump on more than one occasion!

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