Ambleside, Lake District


I love the Lake District and this short trip has made me realise how much I’ve missed it. I spent a lot of childhood holidays here but, since I’ve been in London, I’ve rarely visited. My last trip, before this one, was over ten years ago. I’m going to start visiting more frequently again. It’s so calming here and the views are so beautiful.

The weather isn’t great this week but, for me, the rainclouds just add to the beauty of the place.


Frozen Leaves


While London isn’t nearly as cold as Kiev, there has been quite a cold snap since we got back from our trip. I love the frost on the leaves in the garden. It creates such beautiful patterns and textures.

Above the snow clouds, Kiev


After having the wings of our plane de-iced, we departed Kiev and broke through the snow clouds to be greeted with a peaceful, beautiful scene. How different, how calm, it looks above the snow clouds compared to whirling, swirling scene below them.

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